This is an exciting time not only for our High School Athletics Program but for the Citizens of Kings Mountain whose families participate, spectate, and support Kings Mountain High School Athletics.

The Kings Mountain Touchdown Club has successfully raised over $3 million dollars in its 12-Year existence because of dedicated, private community financial support for the construction of various athletic facilities. The new field house cost $950,000 and was paid off in three years; the concession stands, and restrooms cost $485,000 and were paid off in two years, and the weight room was $200,000 and will be paid off soon after just 12 months.

On May 17, 2019, The Kings Mountain Touchdown Club board of directors voted to raise another $1.6 million for new tennis courts at KM High and artificial turf and track upgrade for John Gamble Stadium. The Touchdown Club’s long-term goal is to eventually upgrade every athletic facility on campus. To make these two capital projects a reality and a success will require more financial supportfrom our community. Construction will commence on both capital projects immediately based on the premise that community-based funds will be raised effectively through this financial campaign.

The Kings Mountain Touchdown Club is asking you to participate in either an annual financial pledge, a monthly pledge bank draft over a period of five years, or lastly a generous one-time donation. The bank draft would commence on August 2019 ending on August 2024.

We want you to become an Impact Donor! Your financial support will make a tremendous difference in providing State of the Art Athletic facilities for your High School Athletes and for the Community. Your financial support will be tax-deductible. The Touchdown Club is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.


Large Projects

All of our athletic facilities were built in the mid to late 60s, and for the most part have not been upgraded. The reason we looked at artificial turf is that the football stadium is used by multiple programs, including soccer, middle school football, KM Elite, and the band. When it rains, the band is out there marching on a sloppy field. Also, upkeep on the grass football field is over $50,000 a year.

The turf is going to be very beneficial. It’s a big upgrade for our teams. If it’s raining and not lightning, they can continue to practice on a nice field instead of in the mud. Lacrosse is becoming popular all over the state and it wouldn’t surprise me if it comes to Kings Mountain.

The track field around our football field will be upgraded to 6 lanes available for our athletes. Our track was built in 1974. It was designed for a 440 and they don’t run a 440 anymore. It’s 400 meters. If we break a state record on our track right now it would not be recognized by the State Athletic Association.”

David Brinkley, Kings Mountain Touchdown Club President Statement:


The Board of Directors of The Kings Mountain Touchdown Club voted to move forward with a capital project to put in 6 new tennis courts along with a building with lockers and restrooms where the existing courts are now. This will require grading since there is a 6-foot drop in elevation from the top court to the bottom court. A retaining wall will be built near Phifer Road.

“I am very excited about the start of this project that began 45 years ago with a new tennis coach whose team was playing on a “hillside” court.  In the past, there have been numerous starts for this project only to sputter and fail.  Now, starting June 3, 2019, the demolition and construction process will commence bringing in a new era for those in the community who have desired this facility to be  fixed finally! I would also ask and encourage everyone, past, present and future athletes and their families to help with this project.”

Ed Guy, Retired and Long-Time High School Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach:

Will you participate in the KMTD Club High School Financial Campaign? 

Just download a PDF and fill out the form. Please make your tax-deductible contribution payable to KMTD Building Fund and mail to PO Box 2017, Kings Mountain, NC  28086